International Surgery Group works in partnership with Halo Clinics to provide a comprehensive Bariatric Aftercare program for our UK and Northern Ireland Clients. ISG Aftercare Clinics

Experiencing Bariatric Surgery or ‘weight loss’ surgery is an incredible journey. In fact, we really consider it an adventure.

What many don’t realise  …. this is an adventure of a lifetime.

Too often many bariatric patients see their surgeons once or twice after surgery or perhaps some never see their surgeon again.  There are a lot of new things going on – new sensations in the stomach that were never there before – new taste sensations – new eating plan.  It can become very overwhelming and confusing.

Rather than calling or following up with us or indeed the surgeons office, the very staff that helped to transform their lives,  patients turn to social media for answers and advise. We’ve seen what is out there.  This is not only scary, it is dangerous.

The decision to have bariatric surgery is a lifelong commitment.  Nutritional deficiencies can cause permanent harm.  Inadequate food intake can also cause weakness and hair loss.

For some there is a comfort level of “I’m okay” or ” I feel fine” and do not see the importance of regular follow up.  Most health care providers are not knowledgeable in management of the bariatric patient.  For others, there is weight regain, accompanied by shame and embarrassment and  not wanting to face the team that helped them to lose weight in the first place.

This is where we step in.  Our Specialist Bariatric Nurse Practitioner has an extensive background of dealing with post bariatric adult health care and many of our advisors are also post bariatric patients.   We have the skills, ability an insight to help you navigate through the journey after bariatric surgery.

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