Wendy Stubbs RGN Bariatric Aftercare Specialist

Wendy Stubbs RGN
Bariatric Aftercare Specialist

Wendy Stubbs RGN is a Specialist Bariatric Nurse Consultant with more than 16 years experience in bariatric aftercare.

Wendy holds regular clinics Nationwide across the United Kingdom as well as Northern Ireland.

ISG Aftercare ClinicsHer nurse training commenced in 1980, she worked in many specialist areas including, Neonates, Vascular and General Surgery and Theatres. Wendy was manager in the post anaesthetic care unit when I was associated with Bariatric Surgery, expanding now for over 15 years.

She is a member of several organisations including BOMMS and several Weight Loss Surgery support forums, and she has successfully trained many nurses over the past several years, to safely adjust many different bands.

Wendy has delivered many educational training program’s and conferences to hospitals and theatre teams. She has worked for several private health care providers, as a specialist nurse, my experience includes, but is not limited to, patient selection, assessment, patient information, support before and after surgery which includes adjustments of any band, make and size It is paramount that aftercare is in place for anyone embarking on weight loss surgery. She has a wealth of knowledge to teach and support patients on their journey that includes nutrition.

Wendy has herself undergone weight loss surgery and lived the journey. She currently lives in West Yorkshire with her family.

If you wish to contact Wendy to arrange an appointment for a band adjustment or to discuss an aftercare plan you can do so by using the contact details listed below:

Wendy Stubbs RGN
Bariatric Nurse Consultant

Tel: +44 771 3955 356  |  www.HaloClinics.uk  |  Welcome@HaloClinics.co.uk