Dr Fabrice Rogge

Dr. Fabrice Rogge graduated as plastic surgeon with the highest distinction in the department of Plastic, aesthetic, reconstructive and maxillofacial surgery of the University Hospital in Liege, Belgium.

As part of his international training he worked for several years with world authorities in plastic surgery at Mount Vernon Hospital (Northwood, Great Britain), a legendary unit in this exciting and demanding surgical discipline.
As part of his doctoral thesis he conducted pioneering research that was awarded the prestigious Healing Foundation / BAPRAS Award.
Afterwards he continued his specialization in aesthetic surgery and specific areas of reconstructive surgery in centers of excellence in London.

He was a member of the plastic surgery department at the Royal Free Hospital where he focused on specific reconstructive techniques for facial paralysis, breast reconstruction and ear reconstruction.
Dr. Rogge also had the privilege to work alongside well known cosmetic surgeons at The Wellington Hospital in London, where he gained further experience in all aspects of aesthetic surgery and non invasive aesthetic treatments.

Clear communication in a relaxed and private setting is for Dr Rogge and his team essential to achieve the best possible results.

Plastic surgery is a surgical discipline which requires patient and surgeon to make decisions together in mutual respect in order to choose the safest and most efficient techniques.

Using the latest medical technology and mastering all aspects of aesthetic and plastic surgery treatments, Dr. Rogge will always look for the most appropriate solution for each individual patient.


  • Aesthetic Plastic Surgery
  • Aesthetic Laser Clinic
  • Less invasive cosmetic treatments
  • Plastic Reconstructive (micro) surgery