Due to unforeseen circumstances and exceptionally, there may be additional costs incurred when undergoing treatment such as an additional hospital stay or further medication not included in the price. International Surgery group provides an insurance cover for a small additional fee to cover a majority of these eventualities.

International Surgery Group is dedicated to the provision of superb service to people requiring private medical treatment and consequently, we have created a specialist insurance package specifically designed for the needs of our clients.

International Surgery Group’s Protection Insurance is a specifically designed for patients travelling overseas for elective bariatric surgery. It is designed to safeguard and address problems associated with cost overruns resulting from unexpected overstays in hospitals that are beyond the control of the patient.


What is covered:

  • Any unplanned or unforeseen stay in Intensive care following surgery.
  • Any unplanned or unforeseen stay after release from intensive care ITU or recovery to normal wards, any additional stay in the hospital.
  • The reasonable cost of a hotel for one accompanying relative; limit 500 Euros in an ISG approved hotel.
  • The reasonable cost of travel for an accompanying relative limit 500 Euros. With an ISG approved Airline or Train Company.


Insurance Pricing EURO
Bariatric Surgeryup to €6,700€545.00
Bariatric Surgery€6,700 - €8,700€765.00
Bariatric Surgeryover €8,700€890.00

* Please note prices are subject to change. Please contact one of our representatives for further information.


Policy Limitations

What is not covered?

  • When the patient elects to stay longer in the hospital or rehabilitation facility.
  • When the patient has a BMI (Body Mass Index) of 50 or more.
  • When the patient has a history of coronary heart disease or a serious heart condition.
  • Patients aged over 65.