• Consultations, Surgery, anesthetist’s fees and a 5 nights hospital stay
  • You MUST make your own hotel & travel details, and book your own taxis in Brugge (we are happy to recommend).



  • Consultations, Surgery, anesthetist’s fees and a 5 nights hospital stay
  • We will make your hotel and Airport Transfers Reservations and all you need to do is book your own flights and taxis in Brugge (we are happy to recommend).



  • Return Flights from Ireland or UK (additional charges may be applied if your journey originates outside of the Republic of Ireland and the United Kingdom.), Pre-Surgery Screening, Surgery Consultation, Surgery, Anesthetists Fees, 5 Nights Hospital Stay, Discharge Medication, 3 Star Hotel, Airport Transfers, Hospital Transfers, Private Nurse Check-up, 2 Year Aftercare Support.

ProcedureStandardStandard PlusPremium
Standard Deposit€1,000€2,500€6,100
Hip Replacement €10,500€12,000€15,600
Knee Replacement€11,500€13,000€16,600

It is absolutely necessary that the final decision on a patients eligibility rests with Dr Maxence Vandekerckhove and this can only be determined after a full examination at our hospital in Brugge. Patients should be aware that a planed surgery may have to be postponed or cancelled for medical reasons as the patients safety will always be our primary concern. As there is a substantial loss incurred by the hospital and the surgical team when a patient is not eligible for surgery following the consultation, a cancellation fee will apply to such cases. Please ask a representative for more information relating to cancellations.

The Surgery Schedule

Patients attend for a consultation the day before surgery on Mondays or Thursdays, to be operated respectively on Tuesdays or Fridays.

Following surgery the patient will spend 5 nights in hospital.

Patients are discharged to a hotel close to the hospital for a further 48 hours before they are cleared to travel home.

Pre-Operative Assesment

The following tests will be required in advance of your consultation:

  1. A Pre-Operative X-ray of the Hip or Knee requiring treatment – This must be a recent X-Ray and should be taken no more than 60 days prior to surgery. This will diminish the risk of refusal.
  2. A Pre-Operative Blood Test – Full Blood Count Required – no more than 60 days prior to surgery.
  3. An ECG – no more than 30 days prior to surgery
  4. A Chest X-Ray – no more than 30 days prior to surgery
  5. An MRI (Only in certain cases)
  6. A CT Scan (Only in certain cases)


It is manditory that all test results must have been received 14 business days in advance by International Surgery Group. If a patient has not submitted the pre-operative test results during this time frame their surgical procedure will be postponed or cancelled.

Orthopedic Surgery Cost

There are many types of orthopedic surgery, so the cost can vary according to the specific procedure. For example, hip replacement surgery is typically much more expensive than suturing a ligament in the elbow. The following factors can influence the price of your orthopedic surgery:

  • Whether or not your procedure will require you to spend the night at the hospital.
  • The anesthesia you use. Depending on the invasiveness and length of your procedure, your orthopedic surgeon may recommend local anesthesia, intravenous sedation, oral conscious sedation, general anesthesia, or some combination of these. Anesthesia typically costs between €2,500 and €4,000 for orthopedic procedures.
  • Consultation fees. Orthopedic surgeons typically charge between €300 and €900 for an initial consultation and surgical planning session. Some allow this fee to be applied to your surgery if you choose to move forward.
  • Diagnostic exams and assessments. Your orthopedic surgeon will assess the affected area of your body at your first appointment, but he or she may also order additional tests, including x-rays, an MRI, or a CT scan. In specific cases, your doctor may also refer you to other specialists to get more information and advice.

Our orthopedic surgeon can discuss the potential costs of your surgery following a review of your initial application once all factors have been considered. While price is certainly an important factor in choosing a doctor and a treatment plan, remember that a lower-cost option could be an indicator of quality. Choosing a reputable, qualified orthopedic surgeon can save you time, money, and discomfort in the long-term.

Orthopedic Surgery Payment

Here at International Surgery Group, all of your surgical costs will most likely be due on or before the day of your procedure. Since orthopedic surgery is typically considered a medical necessity, your health insurance provider may be willing to cover most or all of your costs, depending on the specifics of your plan. If you do not have health insurance or your current insurance will not cover the entirety of your surgical expenses, medical financing may help you afford this procedure, allowing you to pay off your costs in monthly segments. Of course, you will need to qualify for this financing option and be prepared to pay accruing interest on your balance.


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